1.5L Crystal Wine Decanter

An ideal gift set for wine lovers, this handmade crystalline glass decanter comes with an aerating fountain, which is sure to add a touch of theatre when it's time to pour the wine. The Wine Decanter is designed for full appreciation and enhancing the flavour and aromas of the wine. The aerator is designed for full appreciation and enhancing the flavour and aromas of the wine.

Our Glass Decanter provides a stylish and effective wine aerating and oxygenation system that brings decanting to the next level. Aerating or oxygenating your wine provides many benefits including enhanced flavours and rich aromas. Our decanter also features a tilted top for easy and hassle-free pouring while preventing any unfortunate spills and drips. This wine decanter is the ideal gift for all occasions as well as a must-have wine accessory for all wine lovers!


The elegant design of our Maison & White wine decanter not only provides better aeration to your wine for an even better tasting experience but at the same time, it offers a steady grip for much easier pouring.

The large opening of our wine decanter makes it easy not only to fill but also to easily pour the wine. Also, its ergonomic design will help you avoid any possible drips or spills while serving the wine. No more stained tablecloths with our Maison & White wine decanter.

Our wine decanter is the perfect gift and a must-have wine accessory for every household. Looking for a Christmas, birthday or even a wedding present? Your search ends here.


Material: Crystal Glass
Size: 21cm x 21cm x 29cm.
Weight: 1378g
In the box: Decanter, cleaning balls, glass stopper.

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