136pc Make Up Vanity Case

The solution to all your makeup and cosmetic needs in a single, sturdy travel box! The vanity case has a fabulous collection of shades to suit all kinds of skin tones, it is perfect for those who either want to simply accentuate their natural beauty or are in the mood to bedazzle and stand out in the crowd. Making heads turn with those breathtaking looks. The box consists of a built-in mirror and a wide range of brushes and applicators, to ensure that you get the right shade in the right place with the perfect consistency. Now no compromise on your beauty, wherever you go. You’ll be left spoilt for choice.

The box contains of the following:

94 x Colour Eyeshadow

12 x colour Concealer

12 x Colour solid lip gloss

3 x Colour Blusher

3 x Colour Powder

3 x Colour shading Powder

5 x Colours Eyebrow

2 x Colours Eye Liner

2 x Colours Lip Liner Pencil

Weight 1.873 Kg

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