150X Pro Reflector Telescope

For all ages, the night sky has always been a source of curiosity and inspiration. With our land and sky telescope, we've provided a way for you and your little space explorer to gaze up at the night's sky and explore the vast array of galaxies and stars on show.

1. The focal length is 300mm, the diameter is 70mm, with two eyepieces: H6 (daytime viewing) and H20 (night to see the moon), plus 3 times Baron mirror and 1.5 times the mirror and moon mirror. Moon Mirror: Because of the large amount of reflected light interference observed during the full moon, using the moon mirror can eliminate these interferences and make the lunar surface look more clear. Use the moon mirror screwed into the lower eyepiece of the thread, and then connect the eyepiece zenith mirror.

2. Respectively with the eyepiece: H6mm, H20mm multiples are: 300/6 = 50 times, 300/20 = 15 times. If you choose 3 times more Barlow mirror, the multiple of 50X3 = 150 times, 15X3 = 45 times; plus 1.5 times the positive mirror, the imaging is positive, the times are: 50X1.5 = 75 times, 15X1 .5 = 22.5 times. Namely: The minimum magnification: 15 times, the maximum magnification: 150 times

3. Tripod first support up. Then install the lens barrel. After the lens barrel is fixed, install the finder lens (used to find the target object initially) on the lens barrel, then attach the eyepiece (eyepiece 2). Find a large target, and then with a different eyepiece debugging, pay attention: the first time, be patient and patient again!

4. When using 3 times Baron mirror, first installed Baron mirror, reload the eyepiece.
(With a Baron mirror, remove the lid from the eyepiece-mounted device.)

5.Note: 2 eyepieces (H6mm, H20mm) can only choose one installation at the same time
  Package Included: 1x telescope tube, 1x diagonal mirror, 1x H6mm eyepiece, 1x H20mm eyepiece, 1x Barlow lens, 1x erecting eyepiece, 1x moon lens, 1x aluminum tripod, 1x aiming control and lock handle  

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