220V Fruit Ice Cream Maker

No more throwing out the extra fruit! Freeze it and turn it into a healthy frozen dessert with the ice cream machine. Makes your favorite fruits into a soft-serve frozen dessert in seconds! Peel, cut, and freeze.

Healthy and Delicious
The fruit ice cream maker steps up to provide a brilliant balance between healthy food and tasty food. The frozen desserts produced can be counted towards the daily recommended portion of fruits and vegetables, which is due to nutrients and vitamins being retained from the ingredients used. This means that anyone can feel good about treating themselves to a bowl of frozen dessert.

User-Friendly Design
This dessert maker has been well designed for anyone to use and it’s even something that children can get involved with. It’s very simple to assemble and all the functional parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher, making the entire process less time-consuming making it one of the best ice cream maker.


  • This frozen dessert maker makes desserts without the added sugar or calories in your store-bought ice cream! 
  • Great tasting and dairy-free! 
  • Simply peel and freeze your favorite fruits, put them in the machine, and make amazing desserts in seconds! 
  • You can customize your desserts to make different kinds, on a whim! 
  • Great for pineapple, banana, strawberries, blueberries … any fruit you desire!  

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