2500W Electric Patio Heater With 3 settings

Keep warm when the sun goes down with our remote-controlled infrared patio heater. Suitable for both home and commercial use, this electric patio heater will provide warmth to any outdoor space. Perfect for patios and gardens, or cafes, bars, and pubs with outdoor seating.

Used widely for paint and body shops for drying/hardening paints and/or heating the garage.

Infrared heating provides a more cost effect and efficient way of heating outdoor spaces compared to conventional gas heaters. Not only will this infrared heater reduce your carbon footprint compared to traditional patio heaters. But the electric design and remote control will mean you can quickly heat your outdoor space with the click of a button. Giving you instant heat when you need it.


Adjustable Floor Stand (110cm-180cm)
Three heat settings (850W, 1650W, 2500W) with Remote Control
24-hour timer facility enables you to set the heating time
Eco alternative to conventional patio heaters
Adjustable angle - 45-degree up-down facility
Suitable for both home and commercial use
Can be used both indoor and outdoor
Offers both heat and light
Quartz tube heating element (up to 2500 hours lamp life)
Safety over-heat protection
Highly rated aluminum reflector
1.5m power cable with 13 Amp plug


Safe - No worries about pressurized gas or storing cylinders and unlike gas no annual servicing.
Silent - It's electric.
Clean - No smells and virtually maintenance-free.
Compact - Clean and easy to store.
Effective - Infrared warms instantly, giving a feeling of comfort from the moment it's switched on.
Efficient - Unaffected by draughts.
Economical & Environmentally friendly - Low running costs, calculated at just 14p per kW hour. Approximately one third the cost of gas heating. Very eco friendly heater, reduce your carbon footprint.

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