3 in 1 Kid Wooden Blackboard Whiteboard Art Chalk Board

Help your child reach their full artistic potential with this 3 in 1 whiteboard, which is also a chalkboard.

Magnet Whiteboard

Magnet Whiteboard writes with dry-erase markers. With magnets or clips, charts and pictures can be posted on the whiteboard surface, and magnetic symbols can be used.

Art Easel is a double-sided easel with many options for creativity because it has both a whiteboard and chalkboard. With dust-free chalk to protect baby health.

Easy to Clean
The Easel also includes a chalkboard eraser and dry eraser. A dry eraser can easily clean the magic whiteboard and the chalkboard eraser needs to wet first.

Easy to Adjust Height
The height of the art kids easel can adjust from 31" to 48" as the kid's growth, can be used from 2 to 6 years old.

Include abundant accessories like magnetic letters and math set,4 foot covers,Two Eraser,1 Chalk cover, A box of chalks,One stick figure,6 magics,3 whiteboard marker,1 magnetic ruler,6 cartoon stickers.

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