3 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The 3 in 1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect vacuum and mopping robot for new users as it is especially easy to handle. The robot cleans hard floors, like laminate, parquet, tiles and stone floors, as well as carpets at the push of a button. With a noise volume of less than 55DB, the automated vacuum is especially quiet. Thanks to its low profile, it even vacuums and cleans under your furniture. This vacuum/mopping robot makes your every day life easier. 

Cleans Hard Floors and Carpets

The vacuum and floor mopping robot are perfect for cleaning hard floors like laminate, parquet, tiles and stone floors. In vacuum mode, it also cleans carpets.

Ideal for Small Rooms

This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is especially recommended for smaller rooms/apartments. 


Vacuums and Mops Under Furniture

The 3 in 1 Robot has a very low profile. It, therefore, fits under low furniture and can vacuum and mop under your bed and sofa, areas that are hard to reach with a normal vacuum cleaner.


Cleans Edges and Corners

With its side brushes, the vacuum and floor mopping robot picks up dirt in hard-to-reach corners. It even cleans very thoroughly along edges, walls and skirting boards.

Vacuum and Floor Mopping Robot with Modern Technology

3 in 1 Robot Cleaner Vacuums and Mops

To ensure thorough cleaning, the 3 in 1 Robot Cleaner not only vacuums, but it also mops your floors. To start the mopping function you just need to mount the water tank and cloth underneath the robot.

Soft Touching of Obstacles

There is a bumper on the front side of the Robot Cleaner which softens collisions with obstacles and protects your furniture, as well as the robot itself.


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