3L Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

This Ultrasonic cleaner strives to provide specialist and affordable ultrasonic Cleaner equipment, our ultrasonic Cleaner tanks and fluids can be used for many applications.

Suggested applications:

Scientific lab: Eyeglass Frames, Lab Glassware, Optical &Contact Lenses, Pipettes, Test Tubes
Electronics Manufacturing: Capacitors,Ceramic Substrates,PC Boards,Packaging Components,SMDs
Medical &Dental Labs: Burs, Blood Oxygenators, Cannulae, Dental Instruments, Syringe Parts
Jewellery Manufacturing: Chains, Charms, Coins, Intricate Settings, Precious Metals&Gemstones making it a great jewellery cleaner
In the Auto Industry: Carburetor, Castings, Fuel Injectors, Machined Parts, Stamped Parts, Switches

- 3L capacity tank for professional cleaning.
- 40 kHz Strengthened transducer makes the ultrasonic more powerful.
- Timer Setting with 0-20 minutes adjustable.
- Heating function with 20—80 Celsius adjustable temperature.
- Quickly and thoroughly to remove all the dirt for complex parts.
- Bypass Louver for prolonged operation.
- Isolated-Circuit design, good capability of waterproof.
- Durable and strong heat resistance stainless steel construction.
- Needs only plain tap water to clean (add a tiny amount of washing-up liquid for further effectiveness)

Timer Setting:1-20 minutes Adjutable
- Temperature Setting:20—80 Celsius Adjutable
- Ultrasonic Frequency:40 KHz
- Power Consumption: 100W
- Heating Power:100W
- Tank Material:Stainless Steel SUS304
- Tank Capacity:3L
- Tank Size:240x 140x 100 mm ( L x W x H )
- Unit Size:270 x 170 x 240 mm ( L x W x H )
- Power Supply:AC 220 ~ 240V, 50 Hz
- N.W.:3 kg
- Mains Fuse : 3A

Package Included:
1x Ultrasonic Cleaner
1x 1.5m UK Adapter
1x Basket
1x Manual

Kindly Remind

1.Cleaning items should be put on cleaning basket to protect this machine.
2.Water should not cover water mark.

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