4 in 1 Kids Swing Set and Slide

The 4-in-1 multi-functional set features a fun slide, safe swing, basketball hoop, and climbing ladder for playing. The bright and cute bear pattern can immediately attract children's attention. The super long slide includes an acceleration zone, a deceleration zone, and an extended buffer zone. Every little kid will love playing on the huge slide. The non-slip ladder allows your kids to exercise the leg muscles while climbing. There is a basketball hoop for kids to shoot, which increases the fun of play and develops the kids' athletic ability. And the height of the swing can be adjusted according to your needs. Made of safe and durable PE material, it is not easy to wear and deform, allowing kids to play without worry.
Create an exclusive amusement park for your baby.

Easy to assemble and clean, saving you time and effort
Environmentally friendly PE material is non-toxic and harmless
The ladder with non-slip texture makes it easier for kids to climb
Extended buffer zone increases cushioning force in the slide way
Enhance the kids' motor nerve and physical development abilities
Smooth surface has no burrs to prevent the kids from getting hurt
You can fill the base with sand or water to enhance stability without shaking
Swing with T-shaped forward leaning protection, height can be adjusted freely
Removable basketball hoop and small basketball make kids fall in love with sports
4-in-1 multi-functional set is equipped with smooth slide, safe swing, basketball hoop and climbing ladder

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