AQ Cat Litter Box Pet Toilet With Scoop Enclosed Drawer

A cool design like no other, this cat litter box from AQ will give your cat complete privacy and put them at ease when they need to use it. The cats litter tray has a space-capsule look, it consists of one large main room, where they can enter and leave easily with the doors. A top panel allows more light to enter inside, creating an open look that won't scare your pet. It comes with a litter scoop that can be fixed on the side so you don't lose it, and the removable tray makes cleaning dirty litter easy. A stylish piece you won't be afraid of having all to see in the home while.

More Reasons To Get The cat litter box
• Removable litter tray for easy and fast cleaning
• Controlling the cat to enter through the front door and come out from the top, which will be relatively clean (a kitten with weak climbing ability does not advise installing a stopper)
• Large main compartment gives your cat privacy when they need to use this litter box unit
• High sides prevent litter from falling out, comes with a scoop attached to the side
• Side handles to move easily
• Plastic structure is solid and durable
• Features two doors: the top panel allows natural light inside for an open feel

• Color: Tile Blue
• Materials: PP, ABS
• Overall Dimension: 47Wcm x 55Dcm x 44Hcm
• Door Opening Dimension: 22Wcm x 20Hcm
• Skylight: Ф20cm
• Inside Dmension: 31.5Wcm x 50Dcm x 6.8Hcm
• Net Weight: 2.65kg

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