Automatic Soap Dispenser with Infrared Smart Sensor

The Automatic Soap Dispenser with Infrared Smart Sensor is a great dispenser that can be used anywhere in the house. Ideal as a bathroom soap dispenser and can also be used in the kitchen area.

Versatile, everyday use is key with this soap dispenser. With a large capacity, it can be used as a liquid soap dispenser, hand soap dispenser, dish soap dispenser or even hand sanitizer dispenser

Adjustable amount of soap: 1 ml is pumped out each time, if you need more, please hold your hands and wait 2 more seconds later, it will pump out again.

Leakage Protection: The sealed rubber material on the soap dispenser prevents soap leakage and does not slip on the countertop.

Visible window: The fluid indicator level window allows you to see when its time to top up, with a large top-load refill opening.

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