Avia Folding Mirror White Dressing Table

Offering this stunning new product with a modern stylish design, the Avia White Dressing Table. This beautifully crafted dressing table is sure to make a big impression on your bedroom. This dressing table features a flip-top panel revealing a mirror and a storage compartment for your make-up, brushes, and jewellery accessories. The smooth table top of the dressing table provides space for beauty supplies and cosmetics and also includes an elegant matching stool.

To finish off the immaculate design is the unique woodwork, with the center-drawer slightly overhanging from the rest of the desk on the front, adding a beautifully unique twist and creating 3 eye-catching sections. Included with the desk is also its trusty companion, the stool. The stool adds depth and character to the desk and aligns with the integral design of the overall image with a robust and linear design that also includes an overhang.

This truly is a minimalistic dream with subtle details that add a lot of 'umph' to this Avia vanity table.

Please note that this item is delivered flat packed for home self-assembly.

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