Baby Bouncer Swing Chair Cradle Rocker

The baby bouncer is a fantastic bouncer that comes complete with many features that will ensure your little one has hours of fun and comfort. Included with this bouncer is a music book, which, when inserted, activates a choice of four lullabies, great for play and sleep time. With a choice of a bounce motion or vibrate setting, the movements act as mum's heartbeat to help the baby relax and drift off.

Cradle Design: 
The cradle of Three-speed automatic swing, liberating the mother's hands, the baby sleeps more securely.

High-Quality Stereo Music: Bringing high-quality stereo music, better to develop your baby's hearing acuity.

Quality Comfortable Breathable Seat: Breathable, comfortable, soft and healthy, soft, and comfortable.

Five-Point Safety Strap: Five-point seat belt design protects the baby from shifting the center of gravity. The length of the adjustable strap can not restrain the baby and will not affect the baby's healthy development.

Multi-Function Control Panel: The panel is equipped with Three-speed swing control, three-speed timing, music control, and volume adjustment buttons.

Rotary Toy Rack: It can be rotated back and forth to adjust the distance from the baby. It can also be disassembled and rotated 90° to comprehensively exercise your baby's vision and grasping ability.

Foldable space-saving: Easy to fold in 3 steps, easy to carry and store. (Pinch up the seat cushion---Press the button on the foot---Put the lower plate back to the close-up cushion---27° revolving.

Soothing vibration function: The vibration is soothing, imitating the frequency of amniotic fluid fluctuations, and developing a good habit of not cuddling the baby.

Swing Lock: Press the swing lock to fix the rocker cushion to prevent rocking.

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