Baby Car Booster Seat

The Safe-Plus car seat is among the safest and most comfortable car seats on the market. They are equipped with a top tether strap and Isofix anchor points to securely fasten into your car with ease. They are lined with extra padding all throughout to ensure your child has the most comfortable journey possible.

The sporty car child seat is equipped with a five-point harness that is individually adjustable to the body height of your child. The seat-belt tensioner system is well-thought-out and height-adjustable. While your child is sitting in the safety seat you lock the 5-point belt and tighten all the belts through the central belt under the seat shell. The security lock can be adjusted by about 6. 0 cm backward or forwards, according to the size of the child.

The booster seat harness chest clips are equipped with pads for additional comfort. The seat has to be fastened exclusively with the adult's belt - no ISOFIX system required.

The baby car seat grows with your kid and its seat is adapted from motor racing due to the bucket seat (providing extra side support). The inner seat pan for toddlers can be removed, as well as the back support so that only the bottom seat can be used. The headrest is height adjustable up to 6 cm. The safety-relevant components are made of high-density polyethylene. The seat pads are removable and can be washed at 30°C.

Very easy installation: first lay the belt under one of the arm rests (red arrow), then through the harness slot (red arrow), behind the seat, again through a harness slot (red arrow), then under the other arm rest and finally into the buckle. Dimensions at a glance: total height 64. 0 cm - 70. 0 cm (varies by adjustable headrest). Maximum width approx. 46. 0 cm. Maximum seat width 33. 0 cm. Maximum seat inside height 65. 0 cm. Seat depth approx. 36. 0 cm.

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