Brolo Tall Bookcase With the Walnut and Dark Panel Finish

Brolo Tall Bookcase With the walnut and dark panel finish. A traditional bookcase with no door and without the white high gloss and geometric design of the rest of the Brolo range. Classy and understated, perfect to display your entire library.

Display all of your favorite books for your guests and keep them within easy reach with the Tall bookcase. This bookcase features five open shelves for you to take advantage of, not just for books but other decorative items, all housed inside with its stylish black and dark wood tones.

  • Size W 566 x H 2085 x D 370 mm
  • High-quality laminated board (resistant to damage and scratches, moisture, and high temperature)
  • Easy self-assembly 
  • Number of boxes: 2
  • Weight: 57.8 kg
  • M3: 0.44
  • EAN Code: 5900355059515


Box 1

  • Box size: L 810 x W 410 x H 170 mm
  • EAN Code: 5900355059515
  • Weight: 20.2 kg


Box 2

  • Box size: L 2060 x W 415 x H 90 mm
  • EAN Code: 6010000015103
  • Weight: 37.6 kg

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