CECOTEC Deep fat Fryer Infinity 3000 3L 2400W Stainless steel

Producing deliciously crispy results every time, the Cecotec deep fryer is perfect for traditional favourites and more exotic choices alike. The Deep Fat Fryer opens up an exciting world of culinary possibilities - stick to fail-safe fish and chips or turn your hand to the many other recipes options such as deep fried doughnuts, fritters, chocolate bars, popcorn chicken, spring rolls - the list is endless!

Indicators show at a glance when the fryer is switched-on. Integral cord storage helps keep your worktop tidy and the unit completely disassembles for easy cleaning.

Easy to use and thermostatically controlled - the temperature can be set to up to 190°C to cook ingredients to the perfect crisp. To make things even easier, the instruction manual comes with recommended times and temperatures for a range of commonly fried foods.

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