Classic Full Size Guitar

If you're a beginning guitar player, the best choice you can make is getting a guitar with a sound and feel that will inspire you to keep playing. The classic guitar will bring your sound to life and comes in three great-looking finishes to match your style. It provides a nicely balanced tone and plenty of volume thanks to its dreadnought body style.
Delivering both simplicity and professionalism, the Acoustic Guitar is a great stringed instrument for beginners, able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Tuning the guitar is made effortlessly precise with geared machine heads, meaning that you can jump straight into playing within minutes.
Designed specifically for older children and teenagers, this particular guitar features a smaller body for optimum playability.
Its cutaway design allows players to not only reach frets higher up the guitar but also their full potential with ease.

Classic guitar for beginners and amateur musicians
High gloss finish
Limewood body
Birchwood neck and bridge
Nylon strings, E, A, D are nickel-coated
18 frets

Technical information:

Size: 4/4
Length: ca. 101 cm
Scale length: 65 cm
Body height: ca. 9 cm
Width of the first fret: ca. 5 cm
Fingerboard length: ca. 43 cm
18 frets
Body is made from lime wood
Guitar neck and bridge are birch wood
Strings are nylon, E, A and D are nickel-coated
Tuner heads are hard-plastic,
Decorated with steel tuner-windings

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