Commercial Electric Griddle Hotplate Stainless Steel Counter 50cm

Powerful and reliable, this professional steel griddle features a generously sized steel cooking surface that is both grooved and smooth, perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner services. The heavy duty elements ensure a rapid heat up and an even spread of heat across the wide griddle surface.

This 50cm wide electric griddle might just be the perfect catering assistant - not only will it cook for you, but it'll also keep your kitchen tidy.

The griddle is made from easy to clean stainless steel and has a built-in splashguard and a drainage trough to funnel food debris tidily away for neat disposal later, so it's a doddle to keep everything spotless and tidy even during cooking, whilst also protecting the food from contamination.

Sitting on a standard worktop, its low profile design makes it a comfortable working height, while its three-pin plug and 23kg weight mean it can easily find a space in any cafe, restaurant, mobile catering van, BBQ, or even a particularly well-kitted-out domestic kitchen.

The 50cm electric griddle has an energy-efficient hotplate to give you even heat distribution of up to 300C over the 50cm wide cooking surface, as well as accurate thermostats for ultimate control, so there's no excuse for not having perfectly done food every time, no matter what you're making.

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