CTEC Touch Series Electric Coffee Maker

Combining dynamic design, state-of-the-art technology, and convenience, the Espresso coffee machine, prepares all types of hot drinks and cappuccinos by just pressing 1 button as it pours coffee and milk directly into the cup, saving time. ForceAroma technology, that operates with a pressure pump of 20 bar that achieves the best froth and flavour. Enjoy perfect coffee every day.


The express coffee maker that prepares all kinds of hot drinks and cappuccinos with the push of a button thanks to the instant cappuccino system, which adds coffee and milk directly to the cup saving time; force aroma technology with 20 bar pressure pump and 1350w power; get the best cream and maximum aroma

Easytouch control panel, intuitive touch control, fast and very easy to use. Fully customizable thanks to the custom coffee system, which allows you to automatically program the amount of coffee, milk, or foam you want.

Includes 500 ml full milk reservoir as an accessory that connects to the coffee maker and can also be stored in the fridge; Thermoblock heating system facilitates faster and more homogeneous water heating

Double output arm and two filters to prepare one or two coffees at once; suitable for use with ground coffee; cup warmer tray to store and heat the cups previously, thus achieving greater intensity and aroma in your coffee; removable water tank with a capacity of 1.4 litres.

Prepare hot water for infusions; stainless steel finishes; includes dosing spoon with coffee presser; adjustable height for larger cups or smaller cups; detachable drip tray for easy cleaning

  • Coffee machine
  • Portafilter
  • Filter for 1 cup
  • Filter for 2 cups
  • Measuring spoon and press
  • Milk tank with froth dispensing tube
  • Water tank
  • Instruction manual

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