DMR Kids Balance Bike

DMR Kids Balance Bike

★Our balance bike uses argon arc welding technology, the welding material will not be oxidized, and the weld quality is much better than ordinary welding. The welding is excellent, and it is beautiful and durable.

★The adjustable position is an iron buckle, galvanized, it will not rust when it is rained, and it is coated in advance. The carbon steel body is completely sprayed, it will not rust when it rains, and it will not be deformed when it is exposed.

★Our balance bike has EU-related safety certification, and SGS environmental material safety certification, please rest assured that children use.

★Unique EVA inflatable tires, fast, children have the feeling of flying.

★Our balance bike seats are adjustable in height from 35cm to 45cm, and the height of one handlebar can be adjusted from 54cm to 60cm, which is higher than the hot range.


★12-inch children's slide bike, carbon steel frame, argon arc welding process,spray body.
★The body is 80cm long and the handlebar is 40cm wide. One handlebar (height adjustable range 54cm-60cm).
★Eco-friendly leather built-in foam pad integrated saddle (height adjustable range 35cm-45cm).
★CNC axle + bearing, EVA foam tire (no need to inflate), hot wheels shape, cool.
★Wear-resistant, TPR environmental protection handle, adjustable position is iron buckle.
★The net weight of the bike: 2.8kg, bearing 30kg, suitable for 2-6 years old, free set of assembly tools.

1 * Balance Bike
1 * Helmet
2 * Knee pads
2 * Elbow pads
2 * gloves

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