DP Deluxe Portable Mini Fridge

If you're struggling to find space for your groceries in your refrigerator each week, it may be time to invest in a mini-fridge to create extra space. Our 4L Deluxe Portable Fridge is an ideal cooler for small items such as snacks and drinks cans.

Ideal for use in student accommodation, study, guest room or bedrooms. This mini cooler can be powered either from the UK mains socket or portable with a 12 Volt car cigarette lighter socket. Perfect for the home, office or car this cooler is the perfect solution to keep your drinks chilled or certain items warm. The cooler capacity is ideal for keeping snacks, water or small items.

Easy Snack Access 
Ever wanted to grab a nice, cold beverage or maybe dive into a delectable pudding cup? Don't worry, we have all been there-- some more than others. This is a great reason for you to get a mini fridge in your bedroom and save your legs that long and treacherous walk to the normal-sized fridge in your kitchen

You don't have to share
So many times you may have put your freshly bought, sugar-coated snack stash in the fridge only to find in the next hour when you go to partake of this artery-clogging goodness that someone has already tasted it, nibbled it, or even finished off the whole thing. No more having to share and you can enjoy all your snacks to your self.

It can fit literally anywhere
Okay, not literally, but you get the idea. Mini fridges are super small, hence the word mini preceding the word fridge. You can put them on your desk, in your closet, under your desk. You can put it almost anywhere you want and it's such a great portable fridge even for the car journeys in which you will like cold refreshments to enjoy on the ride.


100% brand new, unused, undamaged.
Type: Mini Fridge
Main Colour: Like the picture show.
Capacity: 4L
Size: about 17.5cm(L) + 24.2cm(W) + 28.3cm(H)
Package size: about 18.5cm(L) + 25.5cm(W) + 28.5cm(H)
Internal dimensions: about 14cm(L) +13.5(W) + 20.5cm(H)
Voltage: DC12V
Cooling capacity: 18±3℃ below ambient temperature.
Heating capacity: 60±5℃ by thermostat
Power consumption: 27-55W

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