DTX Rocker Gaming Chair

The DTX Rocker gaming chair features a Rocker design with an all-new livery for gamers and fans of esports. 

The Rocker gaming chair puts you straight in your chosen gaming world. Simply attach to your gaming console, Smartphone, Tablet, or Pc and you are off making it one of the best gaming chairs in the market.

2 x Extreme speakers will leave the earth and you shaking. Even if you just want to listen to tunes, just attach your device and rock on. Simple and stylish, you don't need other speakers. The controls are very simple and easy to navigate. Not just for adults, this will be a great kid's gaming chair. 

No space in the room? No Problem, simply fold up and store it under the bed or in a cupboard. Don't want to play alone? You can connect several gaming chairs together, and have a gaming-party whenever you want!

Product Functions:
  • 3 Speakers
  • Headphones Socket
  • RCA Jack input
  • RCA Jack Output
  • Volume Control/ Bass and Treble
  • Blue-lit Control Panel

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