Durable Safe Dog Kennel for Small to Medium Sized Dogs

Are you looking for an outdoor shelter where your dog can feel safe, cosy, and secure? Dogs need a den, or a small space just for them, where they can curl up, relax and spend time in a comforting and homey atmosphere so they can recharge and be their friendly and happy self when they come out. This is the ideal doghouse for your dog is one which is big enough for him to stand in without hitting his head and wide enough so he can make a circle like he does when he’s choosing a spot to sit. So it’s up to you to measure your dog and decide if the dimensions of the kennel meet your needs. 

Why You Should Choose Our Luxury Dog Kennel

Can be an indoor dog house or an outdoor dog kennel
Strong, Durable, waterproof/damp-proof & Hygenic
Made from Tough Durable Moulded Plastic So it won't rot and will stay looking good for years.
Consists of 6 easy to erect panels (1 roof panels, 2 sides, back & front & floor panel)

Dimensions External
72cm wide x 71.5cm deep x 68cm high
Doorway 26cm wide x 49cm high

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