DYX 21V Electric Impact Wrench

If you’ve ever been stuck at the roadside trying to replace a wheel without the right tools you know why you need this powerful electric impact wrench. No one likes to break down but - if you need to change your wheel fast – this electric wrench will help you get you back on the road in no time.


  • Lithium battery capacity: 21V 4A
  • Output shaft form: Four-corner head 1/2 "
  • Maximum torque: 320Nm (the torque of an adult is about 20 ~ 30Nm)
  • No-load speed: 0-2300
  • Shock frequency: 0-2900
  • Screw diameter: 4-22mm
  • Packing type: plastic box
  • High energy motor, powerful torque
  • All aluminum drill, tungsten steel shaft, more durable
  • Large ventilation slot cooling holes, effectively reduce the heat during the use of the machine and increase the service life
  • Low-power LED lighting can work normally at night
  • Large-capacity lithium battery for long battery life
  • Portable handle, you can carry the machine on your body without having to bring the whole packing box

Package Contents:

1*21V 4A Lithium Battery
1*UK Plug Charger
1*English Manual
1*30ml Lubricating Oil for Electric Tools



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