Electronic Mouse Trap


How does electronic rodenticide work? It uses bait to attract serrated animals such as mice. When the mice come into and contact with the metal plate, the rodenticide will release the voltage up to 7000v to destroy the mice.

Innovative electric mouse trap with an intelligent wireless circuit sensor that senses when the rodent enters, eliminates any possibility of escape and works well for mice, rats, squirrels & chipmunks.

A powerful electric shock of 7000 volts will instantly kill the rodent without any pain & is easy to dispose of the dead rodent by simply lifting the lid & emptying it into the dustbin.

Electric rat trap kills rodents without the need to resort to toxic substances & is hence the perfect rat trap for homes with small children as it requires no harmful poisons or chemicals for operation.


Our rodent trap runs on 4 alkaline D batteries, offering an average of up to 30 uses, producing less waste at a lower cost than disposable mouse catchers!
Suitable for indoors, warehouses, factories, offices, hotels, car parks, and any places that rats usually appear.

The Electronic mouse trap to safely and humanely eradicate rats and other vermin without the use of dangerous poisons and chemicals! Get rodent free. To discard the exterminated rodent, simply pick up the device, slide the dead rodent into the trash bin and place the trap back to its location ready for its next catch. No BLOOD, NO MESS AND NO TOUCH OF DEAD RODENTS!

Simply dump the rodent into the trash without having to see or touch the rat.

Working Voltage of Power Adapter: 220V

Battery Type: 4 x No. 1 Batteries (not included)

Adapter Power Supply to the Product Voltage and Current: 6V / 1A

Static Working Current: ≦ 100uA

Working Current: ≦ 1000mA

Colour: Black

Product Inner Box Size: 11.8"× 4.9"× 3.9"

Gross Weight: about 0.9kg


 Package Included:

1 x Electronic Rodent Zapper

1 x Power Adapter

1 x LED Extension Cable

1 x Manual

4 x Pairs of Disposable Gloves

4 x Disposable Garbage Bags

1.There are dry batteries and adapters to choose from for power supply. The adapter is preferred when power is supplied, and it can automatically disconnect the battery power to avoid power supply conflicts.

2.With the protection switch design, the housing must be assembled before it can be powered on.

3.It can be used repeatedly; It is easy to clean, safe and hygienic, and can be handled without touching the rats.

4.When the upper and lower parts of the device are divided, the circuit board will automatically power off, which allowing you to wash the metal plate safely with water to remove odors.


LED Indicator Instructions:

-The Red Light Flashes Every 6 Seconds: The machine is already in operation and enters the standby state.

-Red Light is On: High-voltage discharge.

-Red and Green Lights Flash Alternately: Under-voltage alarm (if powered by battery, please replace the battery if this happens).

-Green Light Flashes with Bibi Sound: The rats have been caught.

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