Fabric Recliner Armchair

Inject a vintage feel into your home with this large armchair. A stylish and versatile addition to any space, armchairs are great seats for smaller spaces. 

Enjoy the beautiful design and comfort of this multipurpose Recliner sofa at your home. It is made with the highest quality cotton in a unique style, which is hard to find. The angled frame and attractive foam with stitching make it strong and ideal for people who want to sit in a comfortable posture. It is not just a comfortable sofa with a chair, but also a stylish update to your current home décor.

Comfortable & Modern Sofa Chair

The high-quality foam and recliner chair fabric is designed to work on any floor. The design ensures that your body gets a perfect sitting position. This modern Recliner sofa is perfect for any room, relaxing, TV, indoor reading, and group discussions. It can be an alternative to a floor mat and a normal chair for people with back problems.

Universal Use & Easy Storage

You can use this grey sofa and chair in a variety of ways. It helps you read your favorite books, meditate peacefully, or play your favorite game while relaxing in the perfect posture. A great addition to your home décor for family, friends, elders, and people who have back problems. This sofa and chair are not too bulky, and you can easily set it aside if not in use.

Environment-friendly and Dust resistant

Easy storage & Small footprint

Children friendly & soft material

High-quality stitching & Fabric

Ideal for any home décor

Ideal for bedroom, study room, office, lounge, & outdoor

Ideal for people with back pain



1 x Recliner sofa and chair

100% Environment Friendly & Easy Cleaning: Made with the highest quality cotton that keeps dust particles away and the sofa remains clean. The design of this recliner sofa makes it easy to maintain.

Prevent Back Pain: Back pain can result from working, injury, and medical condition. The best way to get rid of back pain is by changing your posture while sitting and standing. This sofa ensures that you attain that posture while sitting.

Comfortable Sofa and Chair: The soft fabric, ideal angel, and long-lasting material makes this sofa and chair ideal for reading books, sitting with friends & family, or enjoying tea in the morning.

Eye Catching: The design of this soft with the chair provides not only a comfortable posture but also looks good with any home décor. The grey works well with other colours and helps your room standout. 

Multipurpose Sofa and Chair: You can use it as a reading chair or keep it outside for having tea in the morning. An ideal sofa for your lounge, home theatre, living room, and bedroom.

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