Flashing Wheel Kids Scooter

Our fully height adjustable kids scooter handle, extends up to 86cm for growing kids, suitable for heights ranging from 7cm - 135cm!   Not only do our child scooter come with motion-activated LED flashing wheels so your child is seen in the dark, but kids love our unique design patterns that stand out.
Gliding on your 3 wheel scooter has never been easier, our tilt to steer technology, grip board and large wheels mean a smooth journey even on rougher grounds. We believe tilt to steer technology is far superior, although foreign to us parents. Our market research has found this to be a more intuitive experience for riders.
The lightweight and fully foldable frame (perfect for storage in small spaces), just flick up the shaft from the bottom and fold! Making it easy to transport from park to car.

Key Points:
Our scooters are built to last, putting quality first. We have invested heavily in the chassis of the scooter!
The maximum rider weight is 60KG.
The scooter handle can be adjusted from 58CM to 71.5cm!
Styles come in Girls Scooter and Boys Scooters.

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