Foldable Sit up Bench

This Sit-up bench allows you to perform a variety of exercises. It is the natural choice for users choosing to workout in the comfort of their homes, with its durable but compact and slim design. You can strengthen your abdominal muscles in an inclined position in the lying area. Suitable for office or home gym offering you a rapid path to good health physical fitness and the body you really want.

Why Choose Our Sit up Bench?
Integrated-Style Exercise: 
Our supine board can be used for multi-function training, such as sit-ups, lying leg raises, and hyperextensions. Just one bench can easily achieve abdominal, arm, and leg muscles training at the same time. It is quite ideal for you to use in-home or gym with its versatile functions.

Four Adjustable Positions: This sit-up board features four adjustable positions, which meets the needs of people of different heights and reduces the risk of head injuries. In the meanwhile, you can choose different incline angle angles to meet your different fitness needs, following the fitness principles step by step. 

Comfortable Fitness Experience: On the one hand,  the PU leather-covered back part with padded foam is anti-slip and wear-resistant, as well as comfortable and breathable. On the other hand,  featuring 6 foam-padded bars and radian board design, our slant bench conforms to ergonomic,  which offers you both a safe and comfortable fitness experience.

Heavy Duty Structure: Constructed by a heavy-duty iron tube frame, the sit-up board has good stability and durability. The surface of powder coating has a good appearance and can be waterproof and corrosion-resistant. It has a bearing capacity of 200 kg. Other than that, not only do the rubber pads increase the stability of our slant bench, but also prevent wearing the floor.

Foldable Design for Easy Store: Equipped with a locking latch, our decline bench is convenient to fold. When not in use, you can easily fold it and keep it under the bed or against the wall, which saves a lot of space for you. Besides, this weight bench can be brought anywhere you like, so it is very suitable for the living room, bedroom, office, and gym. 

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