Garden Solar Water Fountain


This solar floating fountain pump in the shape of a lotus leaf from HI shall be a decorative addition to your pond or water feature. This fountain pump combines practicality with beauty: it brings oxygen into the water, gives 4 beautiful water flows, and produces a nice splashing sound which will all add to the charm of your pond. Additionally, this fountain works directly on solar energy and therefore requires no batteries.

Place the Solar Powered Garden Fountain pump in direct sunlight and watch as this charming, little fountain moves the water, spraying it gently into the air to attract more birds and create a relaxing point of interest in your garden.

Carefully designed to match a wide variety of birdbath finishes, this lovely garden fountain includes 4 different fountain heads that alter the style and pattern of the water as it sprays out of the top of the fountain. Enjoy the soothing, tranquil sounds of running water and take delight in the pleasure it gives to your feathered friends.

Beautify Your Garden: Solar water fountain , choose any one spray water pattern you like. Birds, butterflies and other small animals will be attracted to here, makes your garden more dynamic and beautiful.

Environmental and Convenient: Solar powered water pump is driven by direct sunlight, when the sunlight shines on panel, the pump will sprinkle automatically.

No battery or electricity needed.

Easily Use/Move/Clean: Floating free standing, just place it on the water, solar pond pump will works perfectly after gained enough sunshine.

Free to move to different place at will, no need to install the pump. Remove the nozzle and clean it easily regularly to guarantee wonderful spraying effect.

Multi-Application: The solar fountain is suitable for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration and water circulation for oxygen.
Pump voltage: DC 5V
Pump power: 1.0W
Maximum head: 80cm
Maximum flow: 180L / H
Maximum water spray height: 30~50cm
Solar panel voltage: 5V
Solar panel power: 1.4W
Solar panel size: Ø 160mm (monocrystalline silicon)
Package includes:
1* Solar Powered Water Fountain Pump+ Accessories + User Manual

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