GP Non-Stick Electric Omelette Maker

Hey, Let's Make Cooking Stylish!

Fluffy and Thick Omelettes in Minutes
The semi-circle 14mm deep moulds produce thick and perfectly formed omelettes whilst the dual heated plates ensure both sides are cooked to perfection!

Healthy Hassle-Free Omelettes
It is a hassle-free alternative to making omelettes as it removes the need for frying pans, flipping and the associated mess. The Omelette maker non-stick plates limit the need for excessive amounts of oil or butter ensuring you produce the healthiest omelettes yet!

Simple Function
Just put in omelette pan a few eggs and other necessary ingredients, close the lid of the appliance and wait until the indicator tells you about the dish. You can also add vegetables, pieces of meat or other desired ingredients and get a delicious dish, amazing breakfasts, nutritional snacks or experiment with new ingredients.


With this egg cooker, you don't need oil or butter for the cooking process. The non-stick surface allows you to lift your cooked omelettes from the cooking plates easily and with no mess. Create and enjoy delicious chef-quality omelettes without the need for flipping or turning with this electric, two-sided omelette pan.


Cook 2 omelettes at once without any flipping required, with different fillings (14mm Deep cooking plates) of choice & can also be used to cook fried & scrambled eggs. The machine is so easy to use with lights to indicate 'pre-heating' and 'ready'.


The cool-touch handle makes it easy to open & close the lid & the non-slip feet ensure it remains on your worktop throughout the process.


The dual omelette maker plates have a non-stick coating so your omelette and its fillings can be neatly removed. It can be used to make perfectly fluffy omelettes, cakes, pastries and much more with little or no oil.


With the cool-touch handle, you can open your compact omelette cooker safely and remove your tasty creations without any hassle. Also features non-slip feet and cord storage Along with Automatic temperature control and Indicator Lights.


Simply wipe down the plates and outer casing with a damp soft cloth and store away until you crave another delicious meal. The cool-touch handle makes it easy to open and close the lid whilst the non-slip feet ensure it remains on your worktop throughout the process.


  • Make the perfect omelettes every time. Can also be used for fried eggs, scrambled eggs or cakes
  • Powerful 1000W
  • 2 extra 14mm deep cooking plates cook both sides evenly for tasty, thick omelettes.
  • Non-stick cooking plates, no more messing around with frying pans, butter or oil
  • Fast & Easy to use, simply add your mixture or food to the plates when the green light shows
  • The easy route to the perfect omelette! Makes 2 plain or filled omelettes at once
  • Also doubles up as a fried/ scrambled egg maker
  • Compact black design with cool touch housing and non-slip feet

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