Grey Wicker Basket Baby Rocker

The adorable Moses Wicker Basket baby rocker is designed to keep your little one calm and peaceful during those precious moments of sleep. Its unique pod design with elegant features offers comfort and style in one.

If Moses himself had had this basket, then perhaps history would have played out differently! Talk about luxury - this is simply the snuggest and coziest little nest you could imagine.
The basket itself is strong and sturdy and comes with all the soft, snug bedding, and cosy mattress, which will keep baby so comfortable. A retractable hood helps shelter the wind and noise and all manner of distractions. Do not forget to add a firm wooden stand with a rocking function!


The curved rocking stand gives a gentle "head to toe" motion and is very sturdy.

Ideal for a boy or girl in their first few months (up to 9kg).

The stand is designed for palm and Wicker Moses baskets with a maximum dimension of 780 x 340mm and a minimum of 670 x 290mm at the base.

Moses Basket Length: 74cm Width: 33cm

Rocking Stand Length: 85cm Width: 34.5cm


1. Grey wicker basket

2. Rocking Stand

3. Mattress

4. Padding and dressing

5. Hood, Liner & Quilt

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