Heavy Duty Free Standing Punch Bag

This standing Punch Bag is a great training partner for developing skills on punching, kicking, and sparring. It is designed to be stable and resilient, and it helps to increase upper and lower body strength and improve hand-eye coordination. It comes with an Ultra-Stable base and it can be filled with water or sand. This standing punch bag is perfect for boxing, punching, and sparring training.

Inflatable Products Are Small, Light Weight, Can Be Folded And Put Into The Backpack to Carry.
The free standing punch bag is made of quality PVC material, lightweight and durable, the bottom has thickened design, more wearable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
It has two compartments, the bottom one is for water or sand to increase the weight to keep it stand stable on the ground, the upper is for air to help you train your skills.
Owing to its soft feature, it can absorb shock and protect you from accidents. Its stable structure can keep it stand up all the time after hitting.
Easy to inflate and deflate, can be folded into small size for storage.
Good for relieving pressure, bodybuilding, etc.

Package Included: 1X 1.6M Boxing Punch Bag

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