HighLife Glass Console Table with Drawers

If you want to create a contemporary display area but haven't got a lot of space for a larger item like a sideboard or cabinet, the HighLife Glass Console Table might just be the answer. 

The overall result is that this table gives an un-crowded illusion of light and space in your living area. This Glass console table with drawers is the ideal solution for those who are looking to create a sense of space and light in their living room or hallway. Its invisible spacious design is a contemporary design feature and is suitable for everyday use.

The glass console table keeps the area looking neutral, modern, and visually space-saving while its sizing allows you to create a contemporary display area out of a previously unloved space. Fit for a hallway or living room interior, the Highlife Glass  Console Table will become a handy but stylish addition to wherever you choose to place it in your home.

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