HL 28" Soft PP Cotton Brown Large Size Dog Bed

For someone fond of keeping pets, it cannot be wiser to buy this 28" Large Size Pet Bed. Our dog bed mat brings style, function, and sustainability together in one perfectly. The incredibly soft fabric is surrounded by a layer of cushion to keep pets comfortable while the warm color matches the decoration of your home. It is eco-friendly, durable, light, and easy to transport. With the mat, it will be super easy and convenient to keep the pet bed clean and tidy, no matter your pet is at home, in the office, on the road, or any other place. A great bed that isn't just for the dogs, this large bed can also be a comfortable Cat bed also Buy one for your beloved pet!

1. Made of soft silk wadding, tender and comfortable.
2. More cotton, more durable, and sofer.
3. Anti-slip cloth at the bottom to prevent movement.
4. Provide a stylish and comfortable cushion for your pet when traveling.
5. Eco-friendly, durable, light, and easy to transport.
6. Widely used in the house, office, road, or any other place.
7. Keep the pet bed clean and tidy.
8. Provide your beloved pet with a comfortable place to have a good relaxation.

1. Color: Brown
2. Material: Short Plush & PP Cotton
3. Suitable for: Dogs weigh less than 15kg
4. Dimensions:(28.35 x 18.11 x 7.87)" / (72 x 46 x 20)cm (L x W x H)
5. Weight: 38.80oz / 1100g

Package Includes:
1x Pet Pad

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