Shoohouse Hot & Cold Facial Cleanser™

The Shoohouse Hot & Cold Facial Cleanser helps with Acne Treatment, Cryotherapy, Wrinkle Removal Face Lifting and  Skin Rejuvenation With it's Hot & Cold Functions:

Cold Effect

1. Help skin firmness. Maintain flexibility, Prevent Allergies and Other problems;

2. Shrink pores. Lock moisture and Reduce wrinkles;

3. Can soothe Sore Muscle, Relieve Skin Fatigue, Soothe the Skin Sense of Tension, Reduced Shin Redness, Pain, Resistance to repeated growth of Acne.


Warm Effect

1. Warming, Make people Feel Warm and Comfortable, Help to Relax the Muscle, Relieve pain;

2. Stimulate blood circulation acceleration. so the Pore opens, can help the skin to quality import all skincare products absorb double skin. Make the skin more elastic and moist;

3. Putting a sponge to Deep Cleaning, better able to export the face Toxins, Blackheads, Dirt.

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