HTX Electric Pressure Washer

Are you finding a high-pressure washing machine to clean your car or other area? Our cleaner is great for you to choose from.

Why you choose this pressure washer?
Two Replaceable Nozzles: 
The spray gun of the pressure washer is multifunctional to use with two nozzles. The shape of water from straight nozzle can be adjusted from straight line to fan shape. Plus, the soap bottle also can be used as a nozzle with washer detergent or disinfectant for deep cleaning.

Effective Cleaning Process: The high-pressure cleaner features a powerful motor, which can generate up to 105 bar for maximum cleaning power. With flow of 6.8 L/min, the washing machine can complete the cleaning tasks quickly. And the temperature of inlet water can reach up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Deal with Different Cleaning Tasks: Equipped with different nozzles, the high-pressure washer can be used for multiple scenarios. It is an indispensable cleaning tool for your car, wall, bricks, driveways, sidewalk, sheds, siding, garden furniture, fence, boats, trucks and so on.

Easy to Move & Use: The electric pressure washer has two wheels and an ergonomic handle for easy moving and carrying. And equipped with 5m high-pressure water pipe and 5m power line, the cleaning scope of this washing machine is large for daily use.

Better Security Design: The plug has the function of protecting of electrical leakage and gotten IPX5 waterproof certification. And the whole pressure washer also has gotten CE certification for safer and better use.

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