KDR Inflatable Fishing Boat

Get set for summer with the KDR Inflatable Boat - a brilliant accessory for taking in some sun and safely exploring the stunning sites as you float along shallow water. Complete with sturdy oarlocks and oar holders, this brightly coloured inflatable fishing boat can be used as both a rowing boat and a dinghy.

Although this bold orange inflatable boat doesn't come with oars included, these can be easily bought separately to allow you to control the direction of the boat in still water. Simply place them in the oar holders of the rowing boat to avoid losing them and you can safely navigate waters and any other aquatic obstructions.

With a generous maximum weight capacity of 120-kilograms, this inflatable boat can comfortably accommodate one adult and one child for supervised watery adventures. Constructed from ultra-durable, pre-tested vinyl with a handy heavy-duty repair patch included, you can feel confident taking to the water on this highly-capable KDR fishing boat.

For incredibly easy inflation and deflation, the inflatable boat comes fully equipped with a 3 air chambers and interlocking quick-release valves, making setup hassle-free and speedy. Once inflated, the more than adequately-sized boat will measure approximately 155-centimetres in length, 93-centimetres in width.

Thanks to the ultra-comfortable inflatable floor, a stable base is created to combat tipping and accidental capsizing - an unpleasant prospect if the water is a little chilly! If any watery accidents should occur, the circumference of the inflatable dinghy features a handy grab rope with built-in grommets to allow for easy control of the boat.


  • Inflated Size 1.55m x 93 cm
  • 3 air chambers
  • includes a 360 Degree all around grap robe with built in grommets
  • Made with an inflatable Floor for Extra Comfort
  • Includes Sturdy oarlocks for a smooth paddle
  • includes a tow ring
  • Includes interlocking quick release valves, and Safety Valves
  • Made from pre tested sturdy Vinyl
  • Repair Patch Included

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