Kids Adjustable Quad Roller Skates

The G5 Quad Roller Skates brings all the fun and style into a roller-skating, giving the rider a skate that looks great and performs like a dream! Skates are stylish and comfortable. Now with a higher cut upper and updated graphics, they make great skates for any budding young skater out there. Here to replace the much loved Cosmic skates, the new G5 Quad Roller Skates are packed full of improved features for an even better price! 


This is a great skate with quality components and color matching boots, wheels and stopper - a must for any junior skater. 

The adjustable skates combine superior comfort with practical size adjustment making them perfect for kids with growing feet.

The Semi-soft boot offers ample support and allows natural movement whilst skating.

MATERIAL - High quality soft breathable fabric
CHASSIS - One-piece frame; 32 mm PVC wheels
BACK PUSH ADJUSTABLE SIZES - Small - UK 11 - 1 / Eur 30-33; Medium - UK 2 - 4 / Eur 34-37; Large - UK 5 - 7 / Eur 38-41

Approximate size guide: 
Childrens Small - age 3-6yrs
Childrens Medium - age 6-9yrs
Childrens Large - age 9-12yrs

Protective Set:
Velcro adjustable straps
Two elbow pads
Two knee pads
Two wrist pads

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