Large Radio Controlled Wall Clock

Large Jumbo Big Digit LCD Radio Controlled Digital Wall Clock and Desk Clock, with Indoor Temperature, Popular for use at Home or Work, Perfect for Public Buildings, Warehouses, Shops, Restaurants, Factories, Banks, School, Indoor Sports Halls, and Offices, etc. where consistently accurate time is needed.

Automatic time change for Spring & Autumn and automatic time checks, accurate to 1 second in 10 million years, have automatic set up for time and calendar (where applicable), The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) which is the UK's home of measurement and the nation's timekeeping. NPL is responsible for operating the national time system and making accurate time available across the UK. This clock keeps accurate time by picking up the NPL's radio signal, called MSF, which is transmitted on 60KHz from Cumbria. This transmission carries a date and time code that the radio-controlled products use to set themselves to the correct time. The signal is controlled by atomic clocks at the radio station and is adjusted to keep in step with the national time maintained at NPL laboratory in London.

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