LED Black Dressing Table

For nowhere you will find the lovely dressing unit as practical as the one! With stool to be pulled out and mirror flipped to show, it can be a delicate black dressing table, to greatly meet your makeup application every day. With the stool to be stuck into the table, the unit stays as small and quiet, with LED light to come through and warm your bedroom atmosphere.

✔ Feature for Decoration:

LED light in 4 auto transform modes with 16 kinds of light changing colors
Flip the cover to get a mirror, a good view to do the makeup daily
High Gloss Front makes the unit stays not dumb and always stays new

✔ Feature for Construction:
One drawer on the top to storage to storage any makeup items
The stool is the 2 drawers design, one for pull out drawer and for flip cover
Extra individual case to better display and well-organize your makeup items effortlessly
Pull-out Closet on the right with 3 shelves, easy operate and get access to bottles

✔ Feature for Material:
Made of high-quality Laminated Chipboard to always stay durable and stable
Solid processing on the surface, reminds new and clean, easy to maintain daily
3 Drawers with handle, unit with solid wheels, stable and durable guaranteed test


Color: Black
Material: Laminated Chipboard
Unit Size(LxWxH): 60x42x80cm
Stool Size: 43*35*43cm
Mirror Size: 42*38cm
LED Option: Yes


1x Desk
1x Stool
1x Fitting Set
1x LED Light Set
1x Instruction

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