Luxurious Vibrating Wet Bath Foot Spa

Need to relax after a hike or a long day at the office? Treat your feet to a massage with the best foot spa machine

Choose from one of 3 relaxing and stimulating modes such as bubbles or hydrotherapy to increase blood flow. The rollers at the bottom of the foot spa massager also massage your feet, giving you the full experience.


Thousands of invigorating bubbles help release muscle tension.

Massaging rollers help improve blood circulation.

Vibrations relax the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

The heating element helps to maintain warm water temperature and relieve tired muscles

Acupressure surfaces to stimulate and massage the bottoms of your feet.


0 - off

1 - Vibration and Infrared.

2 - Heat and water pump

3 - Vibration, heat, water pump and infrared.

Specification: 220 -240v , 80w

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