S1 Ultralight Electric Scooter

Become the king of the asphalt with the new S1 Ultralight, an innovative electric scooter with a new and modern design. Enjoy comfortable transportation that minimizes environmental damage and allows us to reach high speeds. Its high-quality aluminium chassis, together with its excellent Cross-Rail suspension, its motor brake and anti-shock tyres, which will turn our riding experience into an unimaginable experience.

The folding scooter can be taken anywhere thanks to its easy folding and lightweight design, the perfect travelling companion. Thanks to the incredible battery on this e-scooter S1 Ultralight, well be able to reach a maximum speed of 23km/h. It can reach up to 12 kilometres on a single chargemaking it one of the best electric scooter.

Easy and Great to use with a good speed Limit making this a great adult electric scooter or a perfect electric scooter for the kids.

Don't limit yourself to using it only during the day and take advantage of its intelligent lighting system that consists of an LED brake light that allows us to use it at all hours of the day.

Get the Electric Scooter, and turn it into the ideal complement that can be combined with public transport. The S1 Ultralight is designed as an urban scooter and it's recommended that we run distances of between 4 and 6 kilometres per journey in order to optimize the range.

1 year warranty making your purchase absolutely risk-free.

Max Speed: 23km/h
Mileage: 8-12km
Max Load Capacity:90kg
Net Weight:7.5kg
Gradeability:15 degree
Turning Angle:Full angle
Rails:Folding portable automatic installation
Battery: Battery 5.0Ah, 18650 14series
Battery charging time:2-3H
Motor specifications:6.0 inch solid front, 5.5 inch back tire
Power:250W Brushless
Output voltage:DC29.4V 2A
Shaking Absorb:Yes
Body size (Unfolding):90*42*(76-97)cm
Body size (Folding):81*42*29cm

What's in the Package:
1 * S1 Ultralight Folding Electric Scooter
1 * Battery Charger
1 * User's Manual

About the BRAKE:
The tail brake is just an emergency brake device. We recommended not to force the tail brake device if it is not at a dangerous moment. Please use the electronic brake for normal use.
About the GRIP HANDLE:
The thread of the grip handle is reverse threaded, please install THEM counterclockwise.
Riding Skills:
-Put your foot in the front of the scooter and the other foot on the floor before riding.
-Make sure that the riding route is smooth.
-Slide forward with the food standing on the floor before starting (like riding the scooter without power).
-Immediately press the acceleration button and lean forward to avoid falling over backward due to inertia, so that the electric scooter will enter the working status.
-Avoid pressing the handle with your body in the acceleration and deceleration process. Put one foot ahead and the other behind (like on the sliding plate/surfboard, put one foot ahead and the other behind by 70-90 for better comfort).
-Turning – The turning principle of the electric scooter is the same with that of surfboard/sliding plate/skis. The handle shall be balanced with the body. Observe and make sure that turning is safe before turning.

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