Mini 2 in 1 Car Heater Windscreen Defroster

Looking For The Perfect Portable Car Heater?

During those cold mornings waiting for the car heater to warm up can feel like a lifetime. Never worry about that again with the Portable 12V Car Heater. The in-car heater will provide you instant hot air throughout your car and also defrost your windshield, fog, and mist are gone within seconds.

The plug in car heater will keep you warm while driving without the need for external fans or your cars air conditioning, simply plug in the car heater to the cigarette lighter.


Fast Heating or Cooling: The plug in car heater has 2 functions both hot and cold, the cigarette lighter heater is the perfect winter and summer companion, always stay cool and warm with our electric car heater.

Easy to Use: Simply plug in the cigarette lighter car heater into the 12v socket and turn it on, you now have instant heat using our car heaters that plug into lighter.

High Powered: The portable car heater is made with a high powered fan that will warm and cool you down quickly.

180 Degrees: The 12v car heater can be rotated 180 degrees and can be adjusted to how you prefer, only with our plug in car heater. Designed to meet any of your needs, and it is suitable for small and medium-sized cars, RVs, and boats, mainly designed to quickly clean the frost and fog on the windshield to ensure your driving safety.

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