Mini Desk Fan

Mini USB Desk Fan Small Quiet Personal Cooler USB Powered Portable Table Fan 

Working all day can’t be all that fun without proper cooling. Our portable USB fan delivers reliable air cooling directly from your desk. Simply plug this personal desk fan into your PC, laptop, power bank, or into anything that has an extra USB port to keep your work area well ventilated.

QUIET FAN BLADES: Focus on your work and never get distracted by this compact cooling fan’s ultra-quiet fan blades. Get more work done and give yourself some extra cooling! The fan blades are also made from soft, plastic construction that eliminates any risks for injuries.

TILTABLE FAN HEAD: Our mini fan hits just the right spots with fully adjustable fan angles. Tilt it up or down easily and direct it exactly where you need some extra airflow.

PLUG AND PLAY: This portable fan does not require any external power source or batteries. Simply plug it into an available USB port and you’re done. Perfect for your desktop PC, laptop in the office or plug into your power bank for on the go cooling.

LOW POWER CONSUMPTION: Our mini USB fan does not draw a lot of power. Prolong your mobile device’s battery life and stay cool without reaching for a wall socket too soon!

LIGHTWEIGHT: Bring this USB powered fan with you everywhere! Its strong but lightweight plastic construction allows for maximum portability. Use It in your office, home, on top of your desk and more as it will not take too much of your space.

This USB desktop fan features a robust, yet lightweight construction that allows you to move it around anywhere you, please. Keep it on your desk, put it near your bedside, or leave it at your home office; its highly compact design will not take too much space! The solid plastic design will also easily withstand accidental bumps and knocks without any issues.

Quiet Fan Rotation

Get more work done and stay focused. We’ve integrated soft, plastic fan blades in this mini table fan to reduce noise levels from its fan rotation; taking away any distraction that may interfere with your workflow. Its super quiet fan motion is ideal for people who work extended hours and would appreciate a peaceful, quiet working environment. Work, sleep or study in complete silence.

This awesome little fan blows out enough air to keep you nice and cool throughout the workday. It also features a fully-adjustable fan head so you can pinpoint exactly where you need the extra airflow. No need to stack up books or awkward fan placements just to raise it high enough where you need it. Expect to feel a nicer spread of air cooling with its 90 mm fan diameter.

Keep cool on your travels with our nifty little personal fan! Its USB connection enables you to plug it directly to your laptop or power bank. It draws very little power from your mobile device so you can keep your cool without worrying about draining your battery quickly.

Using our compact desk fan couldn’t be easier. Just connect it to an open USB port, flick the on/off button and you’re set. No batteries or wall sockets required!

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