OVN Electric Pancake Maker

Enjoy perfect pancakes every time with this brilliant crepe maker. It has variable temperature control, so you can prepare anything from a tasty cheese and ham treat to a decadent dessert loaded with syrup and cream.

Do you only limit yourself to cooking pancakes once a year on Shrove Tuesday? Have one-too-many failed flips put you off?

Well, help is at hand to ensure that you get perfect pancakes and crêpes at any time of year! The Pancake Maker features a 1000W heating element, making the wide 30cm cooking plate heat quickly and evenly – guaranteeing a consistent cook throughout the batter! If you find your batter requires more intense or gentler heat, then the variable temperature dial keeps you in complete control. The Crêpe Maker is not limited to simple pancakes either. Why not try out different variations such as sweet or savoury pancake batters, fluffy American pancakes, or even the stylish French galette, made with buckwheat flour instead of plain? No matter what you choose, the non-stick coating makes certain that cleaning the Crêpe Maker is just as simple as the cooking!

Whatever you fancy, and no matter which side of the “sugar or lemon on your pancakes” argument you’re on, you can be sure that this appliance is a fantastic addition to any home. 

Non-stick coating for easy cleaning
30cm Cooking Plate 
Adjustable Temperature Control Knob
Cord wrap for storage 
Comes with T-Stick, Plastic Ladle & Spatula
Power and ready light indicator
Weighs 1.35kg
Dimensions 30 x 32.8 x 6.8cm

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