OX Filled Heavy Punch Bag Set

Now introduces elite-quality Punch bag with enhanced features to allow ideal sway and resistance, great for punch bag workouts.

The hanging heavy Punch bag in the black colour is made of specially designed material which have the soft feeling to protect the knuckles and wrist. This material is waterproof and strong enough to absorb the vibration and impact of your strong punch each time. The bag weight may vary from 25 to 30 kg. The bag is filled with care with the help of a compressed machine and a skilled worker. The filling material is virgin textile waste and knitting waste of the knitting mills.

The bag gloves are made of artificial leather with a combination of multilayer foam padding for softness and protection. The wall bracket is 18inch long which is long enough from the wall to create room for the swinging of the punch bag during your gym workout. There is an extra triangle metal ring at the bottom side of the bag just to restrict the bag to be in a circle by fixing it on the floor with an anchor bag or nail on the floor.

The other accessories are also included.


5Ft or 4Ft Choose your own size
Wall Bracket
Fixing of Wall bracket
Hanging chain
Bag Mitts Gloves
Pair of Hand Wraps
pair of Hand Gripper
Skipping Rope
Key Ring
Car Hanger

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