Petrol 3-in-1 Leaf Blower Vacuum

The leaf blower is the ideal tool for tidying up any leaves or other lightweight debris in your garden.

The blower produces a blast of air that can travel up to 7500rpm. Switch between high and low power easily and vary the speed so you can save energy where possible, but still get high power when you need it.

The cordless leaf blower has a collecting bag is made of a robust canvas that you can rely on, the electric leaf blower is the perfect solution for removing fallen leaves from driveways, patios, gardens or any other places.

* Engine Type: 2-stroke,wind cooling ,single cylinder gasoline
Displacement: 26CC
* Carburetor: pump-film type
* Gas:2-cycle oil mixing ratio: 25:1
* Average air volume:0.17m3/s
* OIL TANK Capacity (L):0.5L
* Collecting Bag Capacity: 40L
* G.W.:7.5KGS


1x Leaf Blower

1x Installation Manual

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