Plug-in Ceramic Car Heater 12V

If the chill hasn't set in already, it soon will and if your car is like mine, it can take forever just to heat up. You sure don't want to take your chances and get behind the wheel, with a frosty windshield.

Now, you can get your car warm and toasty, and you won't have to wait around until your engine warms up in freezing temperatures.

Trust me when I say, the ALL-IN-ONE PORTABLE 12V CAR HEATER is soon to be your new best friend.

Designed to clear frost, fog, mist, and even snow from your vehicle's windshield, quickly and safely, this in Car Heater features three, large, outlet vents that blow in a fixed direction, letting you warm your car while clearing the windows of dangerous visual obstacles. Keep your view clear and drive safely.

• EASY TO USE: Small and compact, the All-In-One Portable Plug In Car Heater is perfectly portable and super convenient. It's also very easy to use, simply plug the heater into your car's cigarette lighter and press the fan or heater switch to work.

• INNOVATIVE: Featuring a 180-degree rotating bracket, the user-friendly design lets you adjust the heater to any angle so that you can focus the heat on particular areas. This multi-purpose device is a fan, heater, demister, and defroster all-in-one.

• DURABLE: Our product is perfect for camping trips or vacations and is made of high-quality materials and a premium, pure copper cable, so it's durable and will last a long time. It even reaches the rear window, working as a rear window defogger and quickly clearing it up.

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