Portable Home Workout Training System with Exercise Guide

A very comprehensive training set that allows you to perform a multitude of exercises with the different accessories. Ideal for full-body workouts (torso, arms, legs and back). Thanks to its compact and portable design, the base folds in half for easy transport and storage, allowing it to be stored in the car, in the wardrobe, under the bed, etc. It also includes a sturdy bag to comfortably carry all the accessories included. The exercise guide is of great help for achieving the best results.

Metal alloy
Portable design
Type: Compact
Folding anti-slip base with handle:
51 x 87 x 3 cm
51 x 46 x 5 cm
Level of resistance: Adjustable
2 detachable bars
4 Resistance bands
2 handle grips
2 extremity belts
1 door stopper
Exercise guide
Carry Bag
Convenient and easy to use
Easy to transport and store

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