Portable Potty Training Kids Toilet Seat

Whether it's at home, or out and about, this potty training kit is the only potty your toddler will ever need.

Designed by a mum to help tackle the challenges of potty training, this well thought out travel potty is lightweight, leak-proof, and completely bag free. A unique lid provides a completely watertight seal and the high-quality durable plastic is both easy on the eye and easy to clean. Best of all, kids love bright attractive colours and the carry handle makes it easy for little or big hands to carry.

Can directly put on adult's toilets. Do not worry about the baby will fall into the toilet. This toilet is a training device and also portable.
Easy folding: after folding, it can be put in the mother's bag or backpack, also put in the car; provide a clean and convenient urine catheter at any time and anywhere for children.

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